Nature Protection Ministry Won't Be Satisfied with Cosmetic Changes

Nature Protection Ministry Won't Be Satisfied with Cosmetic Changes


“In water sector the principle approach for Nature Protection Ministry doesn’t limit with the efficient management of water resources, but also with the solutions of such problems as violation of Lake Sevan balance, non-adequate preservation of water resources in the artesian river basin in Ararat Valley, pollution of surface and groundwater resources with mining industry, violation of river ecosystem because of intense SHPP development etc.,” Nature Protection Minister Artsvik Minasyan outlined these problems at the workshop entitled “Improvement of Environmental Policy and Developing Green Policy in Mineral and Water Resource Exploitation” held on 12 December. He mentioned that Nature Protection Ministry, as number one governmental agency in charge of preservation, improvement and recovery of environment, will take all efforts in order to be able to work more systematized to mitigate them.

“”Overexploitation of natural resources continues in the Republic of Armenia. Despite all these efforts and measures taken by authorized bodies and public, we still don’t have tangible results. We shall take drastic measures. We can’t afford to limit ourselves with cosmetic changes. The axis of all decision should be, first of all, the preservation of environment: environmental approaches shall be integrated in all sorts of strategic documents,” said First Nature Protection Deputy Minister Simon Papyan.

14:02 December 13, 2016


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