Company Operating Martuni SHHP Will Annually Transfer 2 Million to Martuni Community

Company Operating Martuni SHHP Will Annually Transfer 2 Million to Martuni Community


Martuni Community Municipality in Gegharkounik Region and 'MKSHG Energia' LLC operating Martuni SHPP reached an arrangement that the company operating the SHPP will annually transfer 2 million AMD to the community municipality, as Armen Avetisyan, Head of Martuni Community, told EcoLur. Besides that, now they are discussing the construction of a mill processing plant in Martuni. The contract between the company and the community municipality hasn't been signed yet. Under Armen Avetisyan, the deal is still in the stage of documentation.

Reminder: around one month ago Martuni community residents, public figures, and the community head demanded from the company administration to visit the community and to discuss the environmental and social problems having arisen because of SHPP operation. Martuni SHPP is constructed on the Martuni River flowing into Lake Sevan, where you can meed red-listed fish species, as well as brown trout.

'There is little water in the summer months in the river, no fish can live there, it turns into a small brooklet. The SHPP director promised to install a water meter and an online system if there is the Internet. If the SHPP operates with violations, we should lead it to operate without any violations,' said Yeghiazar Davtyan, Coordinator of 'Martuni Women Community Council' NGO.

The SHPP station is constructed in the area called Lusadzor, where 30-40 families live and deal with cattle breeding. Under Martuni Community Head, the company promised the residents during the construction of the SHPP, it will ensure their electricity supply, but nothing has been done so far. The damage of the residents on whose land areas SHPP posts have been constructed hasn't been compensated either.

According to Armen Avetisyan, 500,000 AMD out of annual 2 million AMD will be transferred for the compensation of electricity bills of Lusadzor neighborhood residents, compensation will be provided to the residents whose land areas have been used to construct posts. The expenses also include the rehabilitation of the road leading to Lusadzor neighborhood. Under the community head, the road needs rehabilitation at least 2-3 times per year. The people in Martuni consider the arrangement achieved with the SHPP administration to be a success.

June 12, 2018 at 19:45