Azat Reservoir Level Decreased to Dead Volume

Azat Reservoir Level Decreased to Dead Volume


The level of Azat reservoir is lowered for the purpose of exploring technical facilities. This was reported by the Water Committee, responding to the complaints of the residents of Aygestan village inf Ararat Regione that "they are not allowed to use the water coming from Azat reservoir and flowing it reaches Turkey".

“The Water Committee informs that the process of lowering the volume of Azat reservoir water to the dead volume has started and is in process since November 1, 2019, as permitted by Government Decision N1488-16 dated on 31.01.2019. The water horizon will be lowered to 993 m. Flowing water for irrigation through Artashat Canal was provided to Artashat Water Company until November 11, 2019. Since November 11, due to the lack of irrigation water supply, Artashat canal has been suspended and the water flows completely through the Azat River," the clarification of the Water Committee says.

14:31 November 14, 2019


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