Green Rights As Integrated Part of Green Economy and Green Energy

Green Rights As Integrated Part of Green Economy and Green Energy


The participants of “Green Rights as Integrated Part of Green Economy and Green Energy” session proposed to establish an Association for Green Right Defenders. The session was held in the frames of the Civic Society Forum of the East Partnership Countries in Tallinn on 26 October upon the proposal of “EcoLur” NGO from Armenia. The president of EcoLur Inga Zarafyan presented the situation on the violation of green rights in Armenia. “If to watch such fundamental rights such as the right to water, health, life in safe environment, we can conclude that nobody bears responsibility for the violation of these rights. While corporate responsibility turned into a veil, where it is comfortable to hide. Special focus should be given to water.” Armenia faces the problem with the pollution of water with mining wastes, conflicts because of unfair distribution of water among users, violation of social rights of people in the communities because of river overload with SHPPs. Ina Coseru, President of National Environmental Center (Moldova), presented the situation with the violation of green rights in Moldova emphasizing that Moldova signed the Association Agreement with the EU and must run a policy of rapprochement with the EU based on the European standards. For Moldova the access to water is also on the agenda, especially after the development of hydropower on the Dniester River, which is the only large river resource in the country. Director of “Khazer” Cultural and Ecological Organization (Armenia) Amalya Hambardzumyan presented the experience and perspectives of establishing a circulating green fund in the communities based on the example of Alaska and noted that the communities greatly benefit from the activities carried out there.

18:03 November 03, 2017


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