"Veola Jur" Company Continues Rejecting Sarchapet Residents To Provide Water in New 2018 Year


"Veola Jur" Company continues running its policy in Sarchapet Village, Lori region and continues refusing to provide water to some families in the village also in the new year of 2018.

In the last ten days of December 2017 "Veola Jur" Company sought to mitigate the conflict with Sarchapet residents and 11 households living in the same street were invited to its office to write applications for the subscription. The families of the other two streets didn't receive such invitations, moreover, in December 2017 they were fined for illegal water use though some residents made payments for subscription operations.

'So far no problem has been solved: we haven't paid the fines and the company hasn't made us subscribers. I have used a total of 20 cum water before receiving the penalty. Now I have closed my water and don't use it until this problem is solved. We have a well near the house and we use its water,' one of Sarchapet residents told EcoLur. He mentioned there are families like them who have refused to use the water from the laid pipeline unless this problem is solved.

Reminder: Veolia Jur' CJSC has started providing water supply and discharge services in Sarchapet as a result of implementing ADB-loaning 'Water Supply and Discharge Sector- Additional Funding' project. Currently, around 200 households in Sarchapet use water of the artesian wells dug out with their own efforts and the water of the existing local springs. This water is not neutralized.

On 8 December 2017 EcoLur sent a request to 'Veolia Jur' Company for the provision of the reasons for non-subscription of Sarchapet residents and imposing fines on them, nevertheless, so far the company hasn't responded the request, thus, violating the requirements of RA Law 'On Freedom of Information.'

19:15 January 10, 2018


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