"Veolia Jur" Company Called 11 Households To Office To Submit Subscription Applications


Tashir Branch of "Veolia Jur" Company, Lori Region, has called 11 households to come to their office and to write applications for subscription, as Sarchapet resident Tsovak Baroyan informed EcoLur.

'10 households out of 11 in our street have submitted applications for subscription and paid the relevant fees. Only one household hasn't submitted any application, as they are currently in Russia. What about the families living in the other two streets, who have laid water pipelines and who were imposed fined by 'Veolia Jur' Company, there were not invited,' Tsovak Baroyan said.

Reminder: 'Veolia Jur' CJSC has started providing water supply and discharge services in Sarchapet as a result of implementing ADB-loaning 'Water Supply and Discharge Sector- Additional Funding' project. The project was implemented by 'Hayjrmughkoyughi' CJSC, which laid down partially drinking water pipelines in Sarchapet. Currently, around 200 households in Sarchapet use water of the artesian wells dug out with their own efforts and the water of the existing local springs. This water is not neutralized.

In 2015 'Veolia Jur' CJSC became the legal successor of 'Hayjrmughkoyughi' CJSC and made the water use of Sarchapet residents illegal, as the residents receive water through the pipelines they had laid down by themselves having the prior agreement of 'Hayjrmughkoyughi' CJSC. Furthermore, 'Veolia Jur' CJSC doesn't make Sarchapet community residents subscribers demanding from them to pay penalties.

18:49 December 22, 2017


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