• To increase the awareness of the public including officials, local communities, NGOs, business scientists, mass media about the environmental problems,
• To carry out public monitoring of ecological and social situation in ecological “hot spots” in Armenia,
• To provide expert assessments on environmental problems,
• To organize media campaigns for nature and environment protection,
• To guarantee the right of everybody to the access to ecological information,
• To guarantee the right to healthy life and healthy environment,
• To involve youth in the processes concerning the rights to healthy life and healthy environment.

EcoLur Informational NGO's main activity

- Green rights protection of the local population in environmental hot spots
- Public control with the watchdog function on the state programs and their impact on environment and health.
- Providing expert assessments about the challenges of black and brown energy and the development of green energy.
- Raising awareness about the main problems of Climate changes and obligations of the Armenian government in the frame of signed Conventions, CEPA agreement, etc.
- Carrying out media campaigns aimed at protecting the environment and community development
- involving young people in processes aimed at maintaining a healthy environment
- Support for direct public participation in decision-making processes.


EcoLur is a member of the WECF (Women of Europe for Common Future) and participates in the meetings, discussions covering ecological issues.

EcoLur is a partner organization of CEE BankWatch Network  and that of NGO Forum on ADB carrying out the monitoring of the socio-ecological situation and risks of the programs financed by EBRD, WB, ADB, IFC, and KfW. 

EcoLur is the member of the Armenian Environmental NGO Alliance, that of CENN Informational Network, provides and disseminates ecological information.

EcoLur is a member of the Extractive Industry Transparency Initiative, EITI Multi-Stakeholder Group. 

EcoLur is a member of the Transparency International Anti-Corruption Center.

Recourses of EcoLur  

1. “EcoLur” eco-political Press club is a multifunctional platform, which is used for the organization of public campaigns, press conferences, round tables, presentations, video screenings, trainings and discussions. 

2. Electronic bulletin on website has English, Armenian and Russian versions with daily news and analytic materials.

The main menu is as follows: S.O.S Alarms, Climate Change, Water, Forests, Mining, Biodiversity, Small HPP, Dialog with officials, Analysis of Ecological Risks, Legislation, and Expert Assessment. 

3. Network of Ecolur bloggers in 41 hot ecological regions.

4. EcoLur video-block in YouTube (, with reports, videos and films on social and ecological problems.

5. EcoLur social groups on Facebook (, and Twitter ( which is used for public campaigns.

6. Database of experts and scientists.

7. Cooperation with all “green” organizations, movements, parties and activists at national and international level.

EcoLur works on S.O.S. eсological alarm signals, disseminates information to all stakeholders including mass media and government and holds a leading position in increasing ecological awareness.

“EcoLur” Informational NGO is an informational resource and provides information to public through website and via EcoLur Network, Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube. website is visited by stakeholders from Armenia, USA, Canada, Norway, Great Britain, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Serbia, Bulgaria, Russia, Ukraine, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Tajikistan, Philippines, and Turkey.

"EcoLur" has shot documentaries on ecological and social problems in the ecological “Hot Spots” in Armenia.

“EcoLur” participates in S.O.S. environmental campaigns as an informational coordinator and resource of environmentally important information.

SOS informational campaigns

EcoLur conducts information campaigns to protect the social and environmental rights of people having found themselves in an unfavorable ecological environment: "SOS Teghout", "SOS Akhtala", "SOS Mghart", "SOS Qajaran", "SOS Kapan", "SOS Agarak", "SOS Ararat", "SOS Sotq", "SOS Argitchi", "SOS Yeghegis".

2016-“You are Owner of Your Rights”

2014, S.O.S. Verin Shengavit information campaign in support of Verin Shengavit neighborhood residents, who are left without any water for a month in summer because of the actions of “Yerevan Jur” Company. Campaign has been won.

2011 up to now - SOS Amulsar information campaign directed against Amulsar open pit mining, which contains high risks for Jermuk resort town, Lake Sevan and mineral waters.

2011, SOS Qajarants information campaign aimed at the governmental resolution, which grants Zangezour Copper and Molybdenum Combine land areas from Qajarants Village to expand mining activities – a decision villagers oppose to. Campaign has been won.

2011- up to present S.O.S Forests informational campaign, directed against Armenian forest recourses elimination.

2011- up to present S.O.S. Kapan informational campaign aimed to protect the rights to health and healthy environment from pollution by heavy and toxic metals caused by opencast development of Shahumyan Gold-polymetallic Mine. Campaign has been won.

2009- up to present S.O.S. Uranium informational campaign aimed to protect public right to take part in decision making in regard with uranium program implementation in Armenia. Uranium programm has been stopped. Donor- USAID

2008- up to present S.O.S. Sevan informational campaign aimed to preserve Sevan Lake ecosystem. 

2005- up to present S.O.S. Yerevan informational campaign aimed at protecting green zones in Yerevan. 

2005- up to present S.O.S. Teghout informational campaign directed against copper and molybdenum mine development in Teghout forest.

2009 S.O.S. Jrvezh informational campaign directed against Government decision № 684- N dated on 18 July 2009 in accordance with which a land area of 21,76 is  illegally alienated from “Jrvezh” Forest Park. Campaign has been won. 

2009- 2010 S.O.S. Mariam informational campaign, initiated in protection of youth green movement activist Mariam Sukhudyan Campaign has been won.

2008-2009 S.O.S. Armash informational campaign directed against illegal bird hunting in Armash wetlands: The campaign is still in progress because of inability to access information in the very of territory of Armash.

2005 S.O.S. Shikahogh informational campaign directed against the construction of a new road through Shikahogh Reserve. Campaign has been won.

Documentaries by "EcoLur"

2021, "Right to Life" documentary tells about the problems caused with chemical pollution in Tumanyan area, Lori Region, due to mining waste, which affects the health of children and women, and the efforts taken by NGOs Czech-based Arnika, Alaverdi-based Center for Community Mobilization and Support and EcoLur, aimed at solving the problems.

2021, "Armenia's Open Wounds: Non-Operating Mines" documentary raises issues related to the performance of obligations by the companies undertaken towards the state and impacted communities.

2019, "Who Our Soil WEALTH Serves" film. Th film proposes to hear the voices of those who are interested in doing business and the government take action to address the socio-environmental situation of six major mining communities. People talk about piled-up problems that require urgent solution.

2016, "You Are Owners of Your Own Rights” film. The film reflects on the struggle of people in the ecological hot spots in different regions of Armenia for the protection of their human rights.

2014, “Biblical Disaster”, The film present the problem of Ararat Valley and Lake Sevan, how water resources are managed and why the villagers are left without water. Donor - Counterpart Armenia/USAID

2013, “Features of National Expertise”, film shows how the projects bearing huge risks for people and nature get positive opinion from Nature Protection Ministry, how the environmental legislation is violated and nobody bears responsibility for these violations. Because of officials’ indifference, the residents of small villages get partitioned and fight against each other. And how, as a matter of fact, Lake Sevan rescue program looks like, if the projects destroying the lake are given “green light”. Donor - Counterpart Armenia/USAID

2012, “Who Will Survive in Sevan”,  documentary, 24 min. The film broaches problems we all are concerned with, but first of all, the people living on the shore of Lake Sevan. The lake is surrounded with 40 communities. People there don’t take part in the governmental programs on Sevan, the total amount of which sometimes exceeds 370,000,000 AMD. People leave their hometown not seeing any way out. Donor - Counterpart Armenia/USAID

2011, “Eminent Domain”, documentary reel 12 min. produced by EcoLur, is already available on the net. The main topic is how Qajaran Villagers oppose to Armenian industrial giant Zangezour copper and Molybdenum Combine. On one scale is the will of small village residents, while on the other scale is ZCMC, governmental officials and money, much money. Donor - Counterpart Armenia/USAID

2011, “Climate Change: Personal Viewpoint”, 18 min., this documentary presents art and culture figures who express their viewpoints about global process connected with climate change and current environmental problems in Armenia: Donor - Goethe Institute 

2010, “Uranium Phobia”, 22 min, this documentary is about the clash of interest between public and authorities – Energy and Natural Resources Ministry of Armenia, Nature protection Ministry of Armenia and “Armenian-Russian Mining Company” CJSC management in regard with uranium program implementation in Armenia and public assessments. The documentary presents the opinion of locals, uranium program managers and expert assessments: Donor - Counterpart International/USAID.

2008, “The Gold Mine for Sevan”, 15 min, this documentary is about ecological risks in Ararat and Vardenis towns directed against gold recovery factory construction project in Sotq: Donor - WECF – (Women of Europe for Common Future)

2007, “The Victims of the Black Bull”, 22 min, this documentary is about environmental and social problems as a result of mining company operations in Teghout, Akhtala and Alaverdi town: Donor - BAFA (USA)

2007, “Cost of Poverty” 16 min, this socio-environmental documentary is about the problems of poor population in Armenia and energy: Donor - WECF – (Women of Europe for Common Future).

2007, “Your Pain is My Trouble”, 19 min, joint production with Georgia about refugees and conflicts in the South Caucasus. Donor - Dutch Council for Refugees

2007, “Ecosanitation” 15 min, a social documentary about the problems with water resources preservation and sanitation: Donor - WECF – (Women of Europe for Common Future).


2022-2024, “Impacted communities and civil society organizations as participants in the introduction of socio-ecological culture in the energy and climate change policies of Armenia” project, donors are UNDP/GEF Small Grants Programme and “EU4Climate” regional project

2022-2023, “To be aware of Green Cities Plans and Projects in Yerevan and Gyumri” project, donor CEE Bankwatch Network

2022 - 2023, “Civil Society Involvement in Chemical Safety Advocacy in Armenia”. The project has been implemented in partnership with Arnika (The Czech Republic), the Center for Community Mobilization and Support (Armenia), and EcoLur (Armenia), with financial support from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic under the Transition Promotion Programme.

2022, “Monitroing of "Masrik-1" Solar Plant Construction Project” project, donor CRE nonprofit consulting firm

2021-2022, “Social and Ecological Responsibility” project is carried out by the NGOs involved in "Social-Ecological Consortium” - “Center for Community Mobilization and Support”, “Martuni Women’s Community Council”, “New Horizons”, “EcoLur” and “Forests of Armenia” NGOs within the frameworks of The Data for Accountable and Transparent Action (DATA) project. Donor - USAID. 

2021-2024, "Towards the Energy Paradigme Change in South Caucasus, Phase 2" project, donor - Brot für die Welt Protestant Development Service, subgrant - Green Alternative (Georgia).

2021, "Raising awareness of pollution in Tumanian region" project was implemented in partnership with Arnika SCO from the Czech Republic and the "Centre for Community Mobilization and Support" NGO from Alaverdi, under the Transformation Cooperation Programme financed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic.

2021 - Public involvement in the discussions on the implementation of Nationally Determined Contributions under UN Climate Change Convention under the “Armenia's Third Biennial Update Report to the UNFCCC” UNDP-GEF project / NDC Partnership Facilitation, UNDP-GoG project

2020-2021, “Liability of Non-operating Mining Companies in EITI Process” project implemented within the frames of the “Engaged Citizenry for Responsible Governance” project implemented by Transparency International Anticorruption Center., the donor USAID

2020-2021,  "COVID 19 - New Challenges for Environmentally Vulnerable Communities" project, donor - OSI, Armenia 

2020, “Clean development of the Tumanyan district” project was implemented in partnership with Arnika SCO from the Czech Republic and the "Centre for Community Mobilization and Support" NGO from Alaverdi, under the Transformation Cooperation Programme financed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic.

2019-2020, "Public Courts – New Format of Transitional Justice" project, donor  - OSF

2019 - “Mining-Impacted Communities – Full Participants in EITI Process” project, donor - USAID support within the frames of “Engaged Citizenry for Responsible Governance” project implemented by Transparency International Anticorruption Center

2019 - "Protect Your Right to Water” project, donor - the United States Agency for International Development (USAID)

2018- 2019, “Involvement of Civil Society in Decision-Making Process in Mining Sector in Armenia”, donor- Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic

2018, “To Increase Responsibility of Government and Business Towards Shnogh Community Residents”, donor- Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic

2016-2018, "Supporting new reforms in SHPP sector through CSO-government dialogue", donor - UNDP/GEF/Small grant program

2016-2021, "Toward the energy paradigm changes in South Caucasus", donor - Brot für die Welt Protestant Development Service, sub grant - Green Alternative (Georgia)

2016, ENPI FLE II Program, Training of journalists and media tour, with the support of Austrian Development Cooperation, World Bank, IUCN, WWF

2014-2016, "Support to SHPP-relating reforms through the dialogue of public and RA Nature Protection Ministry for Sustainable Use of River Ecosystems”, donor UNDP GEF

2014 - "Public Campaign In Support of Ararat Valley and Lake Sevan", donor - Counterpart Armenia/USAID

2013-2014 - "Let's Stop Destruction of Country and Ensure Future" Donor - Open Society Foundations Armenia

2013-2015 - “Building bridges: linking Europe’s neighbourhoods to ensure public finance for public benefit” -  donor - EU Commission, DG for Development and Cooperation –EuropeAid

2013-2014 - "EcoLur" Eco-political Club" – donor - Counterpart Armenia/USAID

2013 – “Armenia: Assesment of environmental risks” donor – Eurasia Partnership Foundation

2013— "EU funds in the V4 and lessons for the Neighborhood", donor - Visegrad Fund

 2013 – "Public Monitoring of Environmental Expertise", donor - Counterpart Armenia/USAID

2012 – 2013, the project "On-line:  Ecological Hot Regions of Armenia", donor - Open Society Foundation–Armenia

2012, the project “State Program in Eyes of Sevan Communities”, donor - Counterpart International Representation in Armenia

2011-2012, Project “Make Your Voice Heard”, donor – Eurasia Partnership Foundation

2011-2012, Project “Gold of Amulsar”, donor – Global Greengrants Fund

2011, the Project “Protect You Right to Your Habitat – Forest”, donor – Counterpart International/USAID

2010-2011, Project “Get the Information and Participate in Decision Making of Environmental Important Processes”, donor – Open Society Institute Assistance Foundation – Armenia

2010-2011, Project “Climate and Culture”, donor – Goethe Institute, Germany

2010, Project “Improving Forest Law Enforcement and Governance (FLEG) in the European Neighborhood Policy East Countries and Russia”, donor – IUCN (in the frame of ENPI FLEG Program) 

2010, Project “Decreasing ecological risks in Hot Spots of Armenia by capacity building of all stakeholders on the basis of Aarhus centers”, donor - Civic Action for Security and Environment/OSCE 

2009-2010, “Public Monitoring of Uranium Project to Get Guarantees for Radioactive Security”, donor - Counterpart International/USAID 

2009-2010, “We Protect Our Rights on Ecological Information and Healthy Environment in Hot Spots of Mining Industry”, donor -Royal Norwegian Embassy 
2009-2010, “New Informational Policy in Ecology: Increasing of Informational Recourses of Public Sector”, donor – Open Society Institute Assistance Foundation -Armenia 

2009, “Ecological-social profile of Deno Gold Mining activities in Syunik”. donor - Global Greengrants Fund

2008 – 2009, “Informational Exchange on Ecological Risks in the East Lesser Caucasus Corridor Throw the “EcoLurNetWork”, donor - CEPF/WWF

2008, Round Table on “Access to the Ecological Information and National Security”, own funding 

2008, “Media Monitoring of Syunik Marz Hot Spot”, donor – International Center for Journalists (USA) 

2008, Conference “Nuclear Power: Myth and Reality”, donor- H.Boell Foundation 

2008, “Media Monitoring of Syunik Marz Hot Spot”, donor – International Center for Journalists

2007-2008, “The North of Armenia - Informational Mirror”, donor – BAFA (USA) 

2006-2007, “Stimulation of Eco-journalism to Monitor Problems of Environment Protection in the East Lesser Caucasus Corridor”, donor - CEPF/WWF 

2006, UNCG-UNDP-OSCE-EcoLur joint project “Desertification Hot Spots in Armenia” 

2006, “Strengthening of Local Human Capacities in the Regions of the Republic of Armenia by Three Pillars of the Aarhus Convention”, donor – OSCE Office in Yerevan

2005, “Campaign against the Construction of Highway through Shikaghogh Reserve”, donors – CEPF/WWF