Nowadays Nobody Goes to Sevan Shores: Not to Have Feast or to Mourn

Nowadays Nobody Goes to Sevan Shores: Not to Have Feast or to Mourn


It’s not the first time since village heads have raised the question who should administer administrative territory of the community, if it is located in the zone of National Park. This problem is not a new one. Pambak Village, Gegharkounik Region, speak about this problem, “…The administrative territory of the communities should be administered by the communities, and in this case communities can take part in the improvement of that given territory…While the agreement should contain provisions, which should lay down termination of the agreement in case these provisions are not followed….I am not against any programs, there are donor organizations, which spend huge amounts of money, but these funds don’s meet their goal. Today nobody goes to Sevan shores, neither to have a feast nor to mourn…”

- Why?

- It’s dirty, public places for rest should be here, they are but useless. The law must serve the needs of the people, while it’s lacking…We speak about Sevan, but besides Sevan there are many problems without any solutions. We only hear that the World Bank or some other organization allotted some funds. What has this money spent for?...For example young fish is let out, they shoot this process and broadcast it, but on the other hand, they put nets and catch it…”

The desire of village heads to take territories managed by National Park under their control is explainable, but not feasible. Specially protected areas should have protection regime. What should locals do? Seban needs people and people need Sevan. But the National Park doesn’t make any decision, neither does the government. Public offers alternative ways of solution, but these decisions die down halfway.

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13:28 August 02, 2012

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