Snow Storage – Perspective for Armenia?

Snow Storage – Perspective for Armenia?


The prospects of  saving water on higher mountain altitudes in Armenia were discussed at a “Round Table” meeting of the  RA NAS on June 27, 2013 . The project based on  “Freezwater” methodologies was presented by RA NAS Academician Ruben Hambardzumyan and Swiss specialists from Fribourg University Professor Matthias Huss and Dr. Alexander Nestler.

“The problem is that we loose most water during spring floods, which cause damage and are followed by drought. With the use of contemporary technologies, we can delay  snow melting for 2-3 months or even stop melting completely” said Academician Ambartzumian. According to him, water accumulation in the form of snow storage has ecological advantages and is essentially cheaper than the construction of water reservoirs. The experiments were carried out on Mount Aragats, where the snow was protected on  the area of 400 square meters by covering with special material produced in Switzerland. Snow melting was delayed to mid September. The researchers see the main applications of  snow storage in the sector of SHHPs, tourism development and agriculture. “The present water balance keeps SHHP 1, 2 and 3 on  Amberd river  idle  for several months. Delaying the snow melt, we can get water for the dry months,” Ambartzumian  said.

The Swiss specialists assure that “Freezwater” is successfully used in Switzerland to solve “local problems”. But is there  another side of the coin? Ecologists have questions about possible impact on the ecosystems and underground water sources. Also, judicial problems may arise.  Ambartzumian agreed that all this deserves separate study. 

16:16 July 04, 2013


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