Wastes Flowing in Dzoraget River Instead of Water

Wastes Flowing in Dzoraget River Instead of Water


Teghout Support Civic Initiative made a statement in regard with the pollution of Dzoraget River, Lori Region. The statement says, “Since the start of gold mining in the territory adjacent to Armanis owned by “Sagamar” Company the Dzoraget River has been regularly getting polluted. We will follow up this case to find out the reasons for Dzoraget pollution and to bring to justice those guilty. We call for Stepanavan town and adjacent community youth to get united to protect nature in Stepanavan and Lori Region. We are willing to support locals in fighting mining evil and expect for your active participation in protecting Stepanavan, Teghout, Jermuk and other parts of our country from exploitation.”

Photo by Manya Melikjanyan

16:01 August 06, 2012

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