Appeal to Public Prosecutor: Investigate Dzoraget River Pollution

Appeal to Public Prosecutor: Investigate Dzoraget River Pollution


The initiative group on saving Dzoraget River has appealed the Public Prosecutor of Armenia Aghvan Hovsepyan to bring “Sagamar” CJSC to justice. The company develops Armanis gold mine located 10 km from Stepanavan town. The letter addressed to the Public Prosecutor particularly says, “On behalf of Stepanavan public, we would like to ask you to tale all the necessary steps to obligate “Sagamar” mining company to operate in the frames of law. Our observations show that environmental pollution for “Sagamar” mining company became a norm and bears almost chronic nature. Dzoraget River has large significance for our region as regards with tourism development, as a rest zone and is a unique ecosystem and the only source for irrigating agricultural land areas. This is the largest tributary to the Debed transboundary river. In recent months Dzoraget regularly gets the colour of industrial wastes and dumps. We can’t mention the composition of these emissions and required information from “Sagamar” CJSC and from competent bodies – Nature Protection Ministry of Armenia and Environmental Inspection. Nevertheless, no information has been submitted, thus violation provisions of the Aarhus Convention and national legislation. While observing the state of the river we assume that pollution exceeds the standards by hundred times.

We, the initiative group on saving Dzoraget River, insist on bringing to justice those responsible for the pollution of the Dzoraget River in the frames of laws in force. We would like to ask you to give an order to carry out investigatory actions over pollution of Dzoraget River.”

Photos by Manya Melikjanyan

14:41 August 28, 2012

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