SHPPs on Akhuryan River (2014)

Akhuryan River

Risk Level: 1

Parameter Data Level
Sruface discharge volume in river section %, water 1.96989 1

Disastrous Condition
Critical Condition
Normal Condition

Three SHPPs Constructed on Akhuryan Piped Around 2% from River


Akhuryan River is the left tributary to the Araks River: it starts from Arpi Lake reservoir in Ashotcq. It’s the third full-water river in the country with average expense of 26.9 m3/sec (annually 900 million cubic meters). It’s largest tributary is Mantash. It flows across the border of Turkey and Armenia before the right tributary to Sev River flows into it, then Akhuryan River flows into Aras River. Its length is 186 km.

As of 1 January 2014, under the licenses issued by Public Services Regulatory Committee and the main indicators of small hydro power plants operated by hydropower companies, the following SHPPs are constructed on this river:

  1. “Marmarashen” SHPP operated by “ELBIST” LLC, derivation length - 2*587 meters,
  2. “Paros” SHPP operated by “LIGHTECO” LLC, derivation length – 1740 meters,
  3. “Amasia” SHPP operated by “ERSTED” LLC, derivation length – 750 meters.

The SHPPs pipe a total river area of 3664 meters, which makes up 1.9698925% of the river.

Under EcoLur’s Ecological Risk Model, this indicator is normal for the river.

Lake Arpi getting Empty Because of SHPPs

Risk Analysis