Again Tense Situation in Amulsar Guard Post
21:28 July 14, 2020 | SOS | Վայոց ձոր
On July 14, the armed members of the new security company guarding Lydian Armenia's property drove a truck into the Amulsar project area and instigated provocative actions at the second Amulsar guard post
Over 4 Million AMD Damage Caused to Environment
14:24 May 27, 2020 | SOS
6 inspections were carried out, 2 of which estimated the damage to the environment in the amount of 4,126,429 AMD, and in case of 6, an administrative fine in the amount of 1,400,000 AMD was imposed
Shaqi Waterfall Again Got Dry?
19:10 May 04, 2020 | SOS | Սյունիք
The Shaki waterfall, which is included in the list of state natural monuments, has almost dried up


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