Socio-Ecological Problems in Akhtala Enlarged Community
January 04, 2022 at 15:12 | Waste | Lori
Problems in this community relate to environmental pollution, the consequent damage caused to human health, the possible definition of those damages, and the creation of alternative activities to mining in the community
Choosing Between Mining and Health
December 20, 2021 at 10:21 | Waste | Lori
In the communities of Armenia, where there are mining enterprises, they are the main employers in the region and they "acquire" certain tools of influence towards the local population
Akhtala - Targeted by Mining
December 17, 2021 at 09:42 | Waste | Lori
The residents of Akhtala Community in Lori Region and the surrounding environment are exposed to the negative impact of mining
Mining and Chemical Pollution on IPEN's Agenda
December 14, 2021 at 15:53 | Waste
We are proposing, through the mobilization of local residents and local administrations, to involve state structures in charge and extractive business in a constructive dialogue in order to raise the responsibility of extractive companies
Yerevan Lake To Be Cleaned in 2022
November 25, 2021 at 09:59 | Waste | Yerevan
Yerevan Lake cleaning program has been included in RA state budget for 2022 and will be implemented next year