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14:59 April 24, 2020 | «ԷկոԼուր» մամուլի ակումբ | Երեւան
In memory of the Armenian victims of 1915, on April 23, 2020, at 21:00, church bells rang, the lights of the capital Yerevan and the regions of Armenia were switched off, people lit candles in houses and balconies, joining the "Light of the Minute of Remembrance" move
Press Conference on 2019 - Year of Environmental Activity
13:54 December 19, 2019 | «ԷկոԼուր» մամուլի ակումբ | Երեւան
Environmental organizations will summarize the results of 2019 on “2019: Year of Environmental Activity” at a press conference to be held on December 20, at 13:00 pm at EcoLur Press Club
German Journalists Presented Environmental Problems in Armenia
16:01 November 13, 2019 | «ԷկոԼուր» մամուլի ակումբ | Գեղարքունիք | Սյունիք | Վայոց ձոր | Երեւան
EcoLur expert Victoria Burnazyan presented Armenia's environmental challenges to German journalists during the meeting at EcoLur Press Club held on November 6
Society Concerned with Blooming in Lake Sevan Raised Proposals Aimed at Saving the Lake
18:23 July 08, 2019 | «ԷկոԼուր» մամուլի ակումբ | Գեղարքունիք | Երեւան
Nationwide cleaning of the littoral areas of Lake Sevan, ensuring increase in water level and even asking the Diaspora for support: such proposals and many others were raised on 4 July in the course of the gathering of “SOS Sevan” initiative held at EcoLur press club
Toys with Uknown Composition Sold in Armenian Market
18:54 February 22, 2019 | «ԷկոԼուր» մամուլի ակումբ | Երեւան
Toys with the unknown composition are being sold in the Armenian market, which can endanger children's health, as Knarik Grigoryan, “Armenian Women for Health and Healthy Environment” (AWHHE) NGO, said at the roundtable discussion, held at the
To all!!! Happe New year and Merry Christmas!!!
11:59 December 30, 2018 | «ԷկոԼուր» մամուլի ակումբ
Let’s thanks year 2018 for bringing us the spirit of the revolution and the hope for the revival of our country. Let’s do our best to lighten 2019
ANPP Safety Issues: Specialists Discussing
13:18 July 24, 2018 | «ԷկոԼուր» մամուլի ակումբ | Արմավիր | Երեւան
The society raises questions about the re-equipment of the second power unit, as well as the destiny of the first power unit which has been stopped for 29 years
Combating Plastics on 5 June -World Environment Day
15:23 June 05, 2018 | «ԷկոԼուր» մամուլի ակումբ
Plastic pollution is one of the greatest environmental problems of our time, which is urgent for Armenia as well. Over 800 tons of plastic bags are
Environmental Society to Submit Proposal Package to New Government
17:35 May 15, 2018 | «ԷկոԼուր» մամուլի ակումբ | Երեւան
Taking into consideration that the authorities in the Republic of Armenia have been changed and a new government has been formed, as well as taking into account the emerged serious environmental problems in the country, which
People Have Inborn “Green” Rights, Without Which It Is Impossible To Live EcoLur
19:20 May 03, 2018 | «ԷկոԼուր» մամուլի ակումբ | Երեւան
How to protect citizens, who have been deprived of water, whose soil has been polluted, orchards and fields have been destroyed? How to make people's voice heard, which can't be heard? How to protect people's interests if the state refuses to protect them? These and other questions were discussed at the meeting dedicated to the protection of 'green' rights held at EcoLur Press Club with the
Congratulations with World Press Freedom Day, Hura!!!
12:15 May 03, 2018 | «ԷկոԼուր» մամուլի ակումբ
Today, on 3 May, we are celebrating the World Press Freedom Day with a special feeling to the journalists working in the squares of Yerevan and the regions of the country where the rallies and protest demonstrations


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