Public Environmental Court Recognized Violations Committed in Forest Sector as Crime Directed Against Nature, Humanity and State
19:06 April 09, 2019 | Անտառ
During the public trial, the participation and liability of the competent bodies of Armenia for loss of forest-covered areas, degradation of forest areas, replacement of high-value tree species with low-value species, loss of unique forest landscapes and biodiversity, activation of erosion and landslide processes and drying up of springs as a result of poor management of forests were discussed
Ijevan Policemen Detected Illegal Tree Felling Case
15:11 April 08, 2019 | Անտառ | Տավուշ
The truck with 15 logs had been transferred to a specially protected area of the department, while 23 logs have been given for the maintenance of the employees of Ijevan forestry enterprise
WWF Armenia Shot Leopard in Areviq National Park
16:17 April 04, 2019 | Անտառ | Սյունիք
WWF Armenia cameras have shot a Caucasian Leopard in Areviq National Park: the leopard has been detected in the course of monitoring carried out by
Wood Stolen from Jiliza Forestry Enterprise
15:48 April 02, 2019 | Անտառ | Լոռի
On 30 March 2019, at 15:00, the forester at Lalvar forestry enterprise beat an alarm signal to Tumanyan Department of Police that wood had been stolen from Jiliza forestry enterprise
Illegal Tree Felling Cases Recorded in Sevan National Park
12:23 March 27, 2019 | Անտառ | Գեղարքունիք | Լոռի | Տավուշ
As the official website of RA Nature Protection Ministry informs, 25 trees of pine species have been found illegally cut down in Artanish and Drakhtik section of Artanish Branch in “Sevan National Park” SNCO


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