Hrazdan Town Impacted by Cement Factory Emissions

Hrazdan Town Impacted by Cement Factory Emissions


The regional center of Kotayq, Hrazdan, has been under the impact of cement factory emissions, as Hrazdan residents are beating an alarm signal in the Facebook group called 'For Hrazdan'. The video disseminated by one of the residents shows how a smoke cloud is formed from the emissions of the factory chimney.

'As a matter of fact, again there is no filter... again our health is destroyed...huge amount of sulfur is emitted... this is slow death...the solution of the problem must be proposed by Hrazdan Community Head and Aldermen's Council...from this moment we must be persistent in the solution to this problem...the factories must operate but we shall demand to install a filter..' Hrazdan residents express their concerns in the comments under the video.

EcoLur is directing this alarm signal to RA Nature Protection Ministry and Soil Inspection Body. The video of the alarm signal is here


June 13, 2018 at 13:58