Despite Law Enforcement Inhibition "ArmOil" Continues Construction of Oil Product Processing Plant

Despite Law Enforcement Inhibition


"ArmOil" CJSC is continuing the construction of oil product processing plant in Yeghvard Town, Kotayq Region, when the Law Enforcement Service of RA Justice Ministry has imposed inhibition on the property of "ArmOil' CJSC forcing the company to stop construction works, as "Rival" LLC, a company operating nearby, employee has beaten an alarm signal to EcoLur.

"Construction works are carried out in the plant area, there are gatherings of people and cars observed. The works continue with one difference that the cars of the staff are parked not in the plant yard, i.e. outside but inside the plant walls,' 'Rival" LLC employee said and provided the videos and photos made today, 13 March.

Reminder: with its two decisions reached on 6 March imposed inhibition on the property of "ArmOil" CJSC in Yeghvard Town, Kotayq Region, banned to carry out any activities in the area of the plant, enforced to stop construction works.  

March 13, 2019 at 17:41