Ashtarak Mayor: New Financial Support Needed for Development of New Landfill Site

Ashtarak Mayor: New Financial Support Needed for Development of New Landfill Site


Ashtarak Mayor Armen Antonyan is calling for the state and international bodies, as financial support is needed for the development of the new landfill site in the town.

“We used to have an old landfill site, which didn’t comply with any rules. The old landfill site was closed down and a new one was opened through a private structure. Now there are financial difficulties to develop this landfill site,” said Armen Antonyan at the fifth meeting of interdepartmental meeting of coordination council on the performance of the requirements and provisions of the UN Convention on Climate Change “Resolution Adopted at 21st Convention of UN Framework Convention on Climate Change on Paris Convention and Its Enforcement Perspectives”.

According to the official data, Ashtarak Town has a population of 20636 people.

As the private company, because of financial problems, can’t ensure garbage transportation, the residents have to burn down the garbage, and as a result the town finds itself in the clouds of smoke.

Ashtarak Mayor told EcoLur, “In spring and autumn season our residential areas are covered with smoke clouds because of burning down agricultural remainders, tree branches and leaves. If a certain amount of garbage is added here, the image is evident.”

According to Armen Antonyan, this problem can be solved in the frames of the actions aimed at the mitigation of climate change.

Reminder: Together with other 9 towns in Armenia Ashtarak has signed the covenant of the Mayors of the EU and has undertaken commitments to reduce CO2 emissions by 20% by 2020.


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March 15, 2016 at 16:23