Yerevan Going to Reduce Energy Consumption by 16% by 2020

Yerevan Going to Reduce Energy Consumption by 16% by 2020


Yerevan is going to reduce energy consumption by 16% by 2020. It's planned to reduced greenhouse gas emissions in Yerevan by 21% by 2020, which is equivalent to 237,000 tons of CO2, as 'Sustainable Energy Development Action Plan' says developed in the frames of the EU Covenant of Mayors initiative.

The programme was approved by the Joint Research Center of the European Commission. The programme plans to implement measures aimed at energy efficiency – transportation, external lighting, provision of public services, household wastes and other sectors, public and residential buildings and green areas.

The Covenant of Mayors operating since 2008 is one of the initiatives of the European Union, which unites local and regional authorities, who voluntarily agree to increase energy efficiency and use of alternative energy sources in their areas. Parties having signed the covenant aim to reduced carbon dioxide emission at least by 20% by 2020. Ten communities in Armenia have joined the Covenant of Mayors.

January 16, 2017 at 18:19