Main Climate Document of Armenia in Discussion Stage

Main Climate Document of Armenia in Discussion Stage

RA draft law "On Climate" reached the discussion stage. The document, which was developed within the framework of "EU4Climate" project, was presented to the representatives of the state, public and expert spheres on November 21, 2023. The regulation and implementation of the climate agenda will be implemented in Armenia through RA Law "On Climate".

The head of the EU delegation in Armenia, Ambassador Vasilis Maragos, noted that the law is of essential importance, because a legal framework is needed for the coordination of climate actions and attracting investments. "We are happy to cooperate with the Government of Armenia and the United Nations Development Program and we reaffirm our readiness to support the further process of the law," Vasilis Maragos said.

"This law will provide legal ground for the development and implementation of effective climate policies, and will also ensure the inclusion of climate financing in the public finance management system," noted UNDP Permanent Representative in Armenia Natia Natsvlishvili. "In Brussels, the results of "EU4Climate" project were presented, including the ideology of the draft RA Law "On Climate", and it was welcomed," said Diana Harutyunyan, UNDP Climate Change Programme Coordinator.

"The law envisages collecting information on the implementation of climate mitigation and adaptation policies, inventorying innovative financial means and investing them in sectoral development strategies," said Nona Budoyan,

Head of Climate Policy Department of RA Environment Ministry. Fabien Porcher, Policy Officer at European Commission's Directorate-General for Climate Action (EC DG CLIMA), presented the European Climate Law to achieve climate neutrality by 2050.

International consultant John Ward presented the international experience of legal regulation of climate policy. He noted that more than 60 countries have adopted 79 "legislative frameworks" on climate action.

The draft RA law "On Climate" was presented by Artak Baghdasaryan, Task Lead "EU4Climate" regional project, national expert Heghine Grigoryan and expert Mari Karapetyan.

The purpose of RA Law "On Climate" is to establish a legal ground for planning and implementing the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and adaptation to climate change.

Heghine Grigoryan noted that the policy established by the law implies a continuous reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and the development of absorbers, reducing the vulnerability of the population, environment, economy, settlements and infrastructures to climate change.

She mentioned the principles of climate policy, among which are the application of the ecosystem approach, public participation in the decision-making process, the publicity and accessibility of climate information.

According to the draft law, a new body, the Council on Climate Change, should be created in the management system. Expert Mari Karapetyan presented the structure and planned activities of the council.

According to the expert, the council will have a high legal status, multilateral involvement, participation in the entire cycle of decision-making, involvement of members on a competitive basis.

Artak Baghdasaryan, Task Lead of "EU4Climate" regional project, presented climate policy financing and regulatory instruments.

 According to the draft law, the system of greenhouse gas emission permits is a regulatory tool. According to the law, the permit is provided in accordance with the procedure established by "Law on Atmospheric Air Protection". In turn, "Law on Protection of Atmospheric Air" regulates relations with greenhouse gas emission permits.

November 29, 2023 at 15:25