RA Ministry for Energy Infrastructures and Natural Resources Didn't Accept Proposals of Civil Society Representatives on Mines

RA Ministry for Energy Infrastructures and Natural Resources Didn't Accept Proposals of Civil Society Representatives on Mines


The proposals of the Armenian civil society representatives concerned with the environmental problems in the mining sector.

Reminder: a group of the representatives of the civil society had sent a package of proposals on the regulation of environmental problems to Armenian PM Nikol Pashinyan expecting the inclusion of these proposals in the program of the Armenian Government.

The Ministry for Energy Infrastructures and Natural Resources responded to the proposals in terms of mining. The Ministry letter says,

'On the cessation of Amulsar project

The right to soil management can be ceased only based on RA Code on Subsoil, while the soil management right issued to 'Lydian Armenia' CJSC cannot be stopped based on the opinion issued by a foreign company. In line with Article 51 of RA Code on Subsoil, the right to soil management is issued based on relevant expert, including the position opinion on the EIA report. The official press release of International Cyanide Management Institute dated on 18 January 2018, says, that Lydian complies with the principles and practice of Cyanide Code initiative in line with the results of the independent audit.

Amulsar project can be considered to be a successful initiative in terms of introduction of new technologies, implementation of responsible social and environmental programs. Currently, around 80% of the preparatory works necessary for the mining have already been accomplished. Several million cum of land and 9000 cum of concrete works have been accomplished. Around 20 kilometers of roads have been constructed. The construction of water management systems, as well as the significant part of the construction of other environmental management systems have been accomplished. Two HLFs have been primed with the accomplishment of polymer geomembrane installation works.

To stop intensive development of mining at the expense of new minefields thus ensuring the sustainable development adopted by Armenia.

The mining-sector market in Armenia is complete liberalized, which, in its turn, promotes the development of this sector and the attraction of investments. The business entity selects the soil area by themselves, where their want to make investments and do business taking into consideration the economic risk factors of the mining operations, financial and technical capacities, the extent of the complexity of the geological structure of the mine to be developed, engineering and geological conditions, hydrogeological conditions, environmental and social problems, the market value of the mined resource, market distribution and other factors.

To stop the mining and geoprospecting in specifically protected areas of nature and their conservation zones

In line with Article 26 (2) of RA Code on Subsoil, soil management in specifically protected areas of nature is carried out based on the procedure set out in the environmental legislation of the Republic of Armenia.

To stop the intensive development of Qajaran copper and molybdenum mine, Agarak copper and molybdenum mine, Shamlugh copper mine, Akhtala polymetallic mine, Sotq gold mine, Shahumyan gold-polymetallic mine at the expense of increasing their mining capacities unless the damage caused to the environment is eliminated and mechanisms aimed at preventing and eliminating environmental pollution are presented.

The listed mines are the largest ones: the cessation of the operations of each mine will lead to socio-economic problems, as they create working places in the regions ensuring relatively high and stable income for community residents. Due to the taxes paid to the local budget, the communities have an opportunity to solve the problems they face.

We would like to advise you that the civil society regularly raises sector-related problems, which also need solutions, so taking into consideration the situation in the sector the Armenian Government has initiated the development and further adoption of sector development strategy for the sustainable development of mining sector and for the purpose to regulating arising problems.

June 11, 2018 at 17:19

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