Under Estimates, Hayk Marutyan Elected as Yerevan Mayor

Under Estimates, Hayk Marutyan Elected as Yerevan Mayor


According to the preliminary results of Sunday’s Yerevan city Council Election, the candidate of the My Step bloc Hayk Marutyan has been elected as Yerevan Mayor. The My Step bloc has garnered 81.06 percent of votes (294,109 voters), the PAP—6.95 percent (25,219 voters), and the Luys (Light) bloc—4.99 percent (18,112 voters).  

Even though Luys bloc has not passed the threshold to gain seats in the Yerevan municipal council, it will benefit from a provision of the law, pursuant to which at least three political forces need to be represented in the Yerevan Council of Elders, and therefore this bloc will get council seats.

Armenia’s Central Electoral Commission reports that according to preliminary data 43.65% of the electorate voted in today’s Yerevan Municipal Council election.  In raw numbers, this translates into 370,323 out of 848,343 eligible voters casting ballots.

According to the electoral legislation, the Central Electoral Committee will announce about the final results on the 7th day after the elections, i.e. on 30 September.

September 24, 2018 at 11:27

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