Tehmine Yenoqyan: Greening Contests Held in Yerevan Had Formal Nature

Tehmine Yenoqyan: Greening Contests Held in Yerevan Had Formal Nature

Armanush Gevorgyan YSU Third-Year Student of Journalism Faculty for EcoLur

Greening sector has been monopolized by the former city authorities in Yerevan, while the open contests had a formal nature. This fact has been detected by journalist Tehmine Yenoqyan, who is now a candidate for MP from “Citizens’ Decision” Social-Democratic Party in the film authored by her “Closed Cycle of Open Contest for Greening”. According to Tehmine Yenoqyan, Yerevan Municipality had established 13 companies to take part in the contests announced for greening works in the capital. “Through turnover rather significant amounts of money have been written out and it is not possible to control whether these flowers or trees or services cost as much as it is written in the documents. The entire turnover occurs through a closed chain. All this has high corruption risks. Particularly, over the recent years, suspicious financial transactions have been carried out through “Yerevan” and “Pyunik” foundation, in the greening sector as well, but there are no reports available on them. A criminal case has been initiated which is in the proceedings of the National Security Service,” Tehmine Yenoqyan said. The chair trustees’ board of “Yerevan” Foundation was ex Yerevan Mayor Taron Margaryan, while that of “Pyunik” Foundation was ex-President Serzh Sargsyan’s brother Levon Sargsyan.

Tehmine Yenoqyan is concerned not only with the environmental problems in Yerevan but also in entire Armenia, particularly those caused by mining. In case of being elected as an MP, she is going to focus on them. “The primary problem for me is Amulsar and mining and I think that environment always gets out of the agenda during the election campaigns. I have undertaken this commitment to push forward this agenda. As long as the people living in the areas adjacent to Amulsar have decided they don’t need a new mine, every day and every hour we should speak about their violated rights,” Tehmine Yenoqyan said.

November 30, 2018 at 17:22

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