Ecology and War

Ecology and War


Drastic deterioration of Karabagh conflict didn’t turn into a surprise for us, the citizens of our country. It doesn’t matter for us how to call it, what happens, whether it’s war or not, or military incident with limited scales and times. People die: young soldiers, civilians and it’s impermissible to stay aside. People decide themselves what their duty is in this complicated time period. But the most important thing is that we at last realized that our land, our hometown, is a precious fight, which we protect with the blood of our children. We mustn’t forget about it in peace time as well. As a rule, ecological problems escalate during military conflicts. After the end of the conflicts, land wounds take time to be cured. EcoLur is joining the actions aimed to support the fighters and the civilians and calls for environmental organizations and “green” movements to join and to protect the land, water and forest together.

April 04, 2016 at 16:45

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