Environmental Promises by RPA

Environmental Promises by RPA


In case of victory in the parliamentary elections on 2017 the Republican Party of Armenia (RPA) will establish one single system of permits and licenses issued in the nature protection sector. The aim is to alleviate the burden of the businessmen and to avoid corruption and shadow risks.

The absence of one single system of environmental permits is one of sic diagnoses laid down in the election program of the party:

'Our diagnosis:
- Systemic corruption risks due to unsatisfactory law enforcement in this domain.
- Lack of state monitoring of the environment and nature resources, and lack of a unified management information system.
- Insufficiently targeted use of the financial resources generated from nature-use and environmental-protection fees.
- Lack of a unified system of issuance of environmental-protection permits.
- Low efficiency of the state supervision system.
- Poor efficiency of the systems for the management of specially protected nature areas.
As a result: In terms of nature protection, the rights of RA citizens are insufficiently protected. Due to the complicated and uncoordinated system of issuance of environmental-protection permits, the RA citizens and entrepreneurs oftentimes reject their own business ideas; corruption and shadow risks occur,' the election program says.

Our goal: through a policy stimulating the preservation, improvement and rehabilitation of the environment, and reasonable use of nature resources, to ensure real stable economic growth. To solve the problems in this domain, we plan:
- To finalize the adoption of legislation on environmental policy.
- To develop the concept for the introduction of green economy.
- To build a system of reasonable use of nature resources and unified management of the environment.
- To ensure a unified system of “single-window” electronic issuance of permits and licenses in nature protection.
- To amend the legislation regulating waste water drainage and treatment; to finalize water basin management plans.
- To engage the private sector in the introduction of automated water resources management systems. In the fish farms of Ararat valley, to introduce energy-saving and water-saving systems of automated water resources management.
- To establish new national parks with private sector, community and state participation.
To review the management system of specially protected nature territories. To finalize the management plans.

To develop conservation mechanisms and skills, including the application of modern

The party also promises, 'In order to protect human health and to improve the quality of life we are going to enhance state control over the environment, i.e., air and water quality, vegetation protection through higher requirements to waste processing. The proper environmental approach will be a mandatory condition for the implementation of urban development or business projects. We will continue the rehabilitation and preservation of the ecological equilibrium of Lake Sevan.'

March 14, 2017 at 16:10

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