In Energetic Metsamor Lessons in Winter Are Carried out With Coats and Gloves

In Energetic Metsamor Lessons in Winter Are Carried out With Coats and  Gloves


'If kindergartens are not heated in an energetic town, it should make you alert: you sell electricity to all, but you live in the cold,' Prime Minister Karen Karapetyan said at the election campaign of the Republic Party of Armenia (RPA) held at the House of Culture in Metsamor Town, Armavir. The PM noted that the problem should be solved either in traditional or alternative way.

As a closest residential area to the nuclear power plant, Metsamor residents used to have privileges in paying electricity fees, but now they don't have any. Because of heavy social conditions and high electricity fees, 80% of Metsamor residents burn wood to heat their houses in the winter, while most kindergartens and activity groups simply don't work.

'My daughter goes to dance practice to the House of Culture, but now they don't have any practice because of cold. Our town, as a nuclear town, needs reforms and attention. First of all, electricity fee shall be reviewed for us,' 'Metsamor of Hope' NGO representative Marjan Grigoryan said.

'I know that some kindergartens felled down trees and heated their areas with wood in the winter. Metsamor is an energetic town, but the nuclear power plant doesn't give free-of-charge electricity to our town. If people live in an energetic town, they should have certain privileges,' local 'Family and Community' NGO representative Ruzanna Yenoqyan said.

'My children have gone to school and had lessons with coats and gloves on for around 10-12 years,' Metsamor resident Ruzanna Vardanyan noted and added angrily, 'I haven't taken part in any election campaign and I'm not going to do it. I can't see anyone, who is able to make changes.'


March 14, 2017 at 16:51

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