Under Initial Data, Current Community Head Won in Local Government Elections in Odzun

Under Initial Data, Current Community Head Won in Local Government Elections in Odzun


Under the initial data on the local government elections held in Odzun Community on 5 November, the current community head nominated by the Republican Party of Armenia Arsen Titanyan has won, as “Ardvi-Lori” initiative member Suren Kirakosyan said in his interview to EcoLur. Reminder: Odzun Community has been joined with Ardvi, Amoj, Aygehat, Arevatsag, Tsater, Karmir Agehk, Hagvi, Mghart communities, “Under the initial results, Odzun current community head has won – the new candidate has won in the smaller communities, and the current community head won in Odzun with a majority of 33 votes,” Suren Kirakosyan said. He also mentioned that the candidate to the Ardvi Aldermen’s Council Telemak Aghvanyan has been elected. It should be mentioned that Ardvi residents were concerned that their candidate wouldn’t be elected because of the low number of votes in their community, “87 out of 96 electors in Ardvi has voted for Telemak Aghvanyan, the adjacent villages have also voted for him, and, finally, he was elected to the Ardvi Aldermen’s Council with 196 votes. Our village thinks that the matters in our village can be solved only through him and with the consent of the villagers,” Suren Kirakosyan said. What about Shekaghbyur mine field prospecting perspectives, Suren Kirakosyan mentioned that Odzun Community Head assured them this matter won’t be discussed without Ardvi residents’ agreement. “The topic of mining is closed for Ardvi resident and no one and nothing can change this matter: we have expressed our position, which is clear and not subject to any changes,” Suren Kirakosyan said.

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November 08, 2017 at 15:06

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