After Optimization Gladzor Community Says No to Mining

After Optimization Gladzor Community Says No to Mining


After its optimization Gladzor community hasn't changed its position on Gladzor polymetallic mine development and says no to mining. Vernashen and Getap communities have been joined to Gladzor as a result of optimization. In the local government elections held on 5 November, the acting community head was re-elected. Out of 11 elected Aldermen's Council members, five are from Gladzor, and 6 members are from Getap and Vernashen communities, 3 from each. In his interview with EcoLur, Gladzor Community Head Armen Movsisyan said he hadn't changed his position towards mining. 'My position has remained the same. The case on mine has been appealed in Cassation Court. ...Having received the people's vote of credence, I have proceeded to this service and people will decide on their destiny. People are determined, while the last hearing (the first public hearing on Gladzor polymetallic mining held by 'Vayq Metal' Company on 18 July 2017 in Gladzor) that the population of our community, as well as that of Vernashen is against the mining,' Armen Movsisyan said.

Gladzor Aldermen's Council Head Qajik Gasparyan told Ecolur: 'The primary problem for us is currently mining. I radically oppose and I wouldn't like the mining to develop in our community. They will arise serious ecological problems for our community.' Vernashen resident, Gladzor Aldermen's Council member Gegham Margaryan mentioned, 'We are living in a village and our mission is to deal with agriculture. Three communities together have pastures of 1000 ha and we are using only 36% of our irrigated land areas. We have a huge potential and opportunities to develop our agriculture. Ten members of the newly-elected Aldermen's Council, if not all ten members are against the mining.'

Gladzor Community Head Armen Movsisyan said one of the main tasks of his team is to help villagers to benefit from their land areas. 'We will try to create working places in the form of small workshops or in other ways so as the villagers stay in their places of birth. But the most important task to establish conditions for the villagers to benefit from their land areas. If our team doesn't succeed to implement this complex of measures, all other tasks are secondary.'

November 16, 2017 at 18:57

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