"ENERGYNETCONSTRUCTION" CJSC Wants To Get Water Intake from Low-Water Marmarik Reservoir for SHPP


"ENERGYNETCONSTRUCTION" OJSC wants to get a new water use permit from RA Environment Ministry for the operation of "Narek" SHPP. The new water intake for the SHPP is envisaged from Marmarik reservoir irrigation drainage tunnel - 21625 thousand cubic meters per year. And despite the severe shortage of water in the reservoir, the responsible agencies are not against SHPP water intake with preliminary discussions.

The letter addressed by Acting Secretary-General of RA Ministry of Territorial Administration and Infrastructure H. Batikyan to General Director of "ENERGYNETCONSTRUCTION" OJSC L. Mikayelyan, in particular, states: "RA Environment Ministry is not against the extension of the water use permit, on the condition that the water use permit is provided after the full volume of Marmarik reservoir is reached - 24 million m3." It should be noted that according to RA Ministry of Emergency Situations, as of March 27, the Marmarik reservoir is six times less than its volume. There is only 4 million m3 of water in the reservoir instead of 24 million m3.

“Jrar” CJSC and "ENERGYNETCONSTRUCTION" OJSC signed an agreement on making use of water system on December 19, 2019, according to one of the clauses of the Contract, SHPP is obliged to reduce or stop the water intake, if the required water amount in the irrigation pipes is not provided for the six communities fed by the pipeline. The rated capacity of the SHPP is 630 kW.

It is noted that the electricity generated after re-operation of the SHPP will be sold to Hrazdan Cement Corporation LLC and the surplus will be supplied to Hrazdan Thermal Power Plant. The public discussion of the new water use permit draft for the operation of Narek SHPP is appointed on March 31 at 4:00 pm and will be held online. The ministry has not yet announced about the format.


March 30, 2020 at 20:48