Apaga Village Left without Water When Raining

Apaga Village Left without Water When Raining


Apaga Village in Armavir Region was famous for its rich water resources. Today, the village's water resources have been depleted, making it more expensive for residents to use water pumps that run on electricity. As a result of the lowering of groundwater levels, 2-3 out of 17 fish farms previously operating remained in Apaga Village.

"In the 2000s this village was lost in the water, there were floods, the Sev Jur River and its tributaries were flooding so much. Every spring there were floods these days. But now it has dried up, and the level of the Aknalitch has dropped a lot. It's been almost 10 years since digging merciless artesian wells for fish farms in the Masis region has started, moreover, each fram was digging around 5 wells with 500-1000 l capacity, so our gravity water ended,” Petros Avagyan, Apaga Community Head, told EcoLur.

He noted that the village is deprived of water during the rains, as the electricity system gets humid and damaged by the rains due to wear and tear, depriving the whole village of electricity. Therefore, the pumps do not work either.  Apaga Community Head said, “We have submitted an official letter-application to the Electric Networks of Armenia (ENA) CJSC. ENA responded that this issue will be resolved this year."


May 27, 2020 at 16:36