Aygedzor Residents Rejecting Construction of New SHHPs

Aygedzor Residents Rejecting Construction of New SHHPs


On June 25, a preliminary public discussion of the project for the construction of a SHPP was held in the village of Aygedzor, Tavush Region. Residents of Aygedzor village opposed the construction of a SHPP. They substantiated their position with the current shortage of irrigation water, as well as the fact that small hydropower plants operating in Aygedzor did not participate in solving the socio-economic problems of the village, due to the socially disadvantaged situation of SHPP employees, as an the EcoLur source from Aygedzor informed. According to him, residents are also afraid that the new plantations they have established in the village will remain without irrigation water due to the construction of a SHPP.

According to the official website of the Public Services Regulatory Commission, “Atlas-Plus” LLC has a license to build a small hydropower plant called “Eri Dzor” on the gravity irrigation water line fed from the Aygedzor reservoir of the Khndzorut River. The SHPP must have a capacity of 990 kW and generate 3.5 million kWh of electricity per year. The start of operation of the SHPP is marked in 2021, the end of operation in 2036.

Currently, 2 small HPPs are being operated in Aygedzor by “Atlas Energo” LLC.


June 26, 2020 at 16:48