Work օf Replacing Trees By Municipality Caused Dissatisfaction օf Yerevan Residents

Work օf Replacing Trees By Municipality Caused Dissatisfaction օf Yerevan Residents

In Yerevan, a mass cutting of trees has started in the neighborhood of Cascade, which caused the anger and dissatisfaction of Yerevan residents.

It was planned by Yerevan Municipality "Greening and Environmental Protection" ANC within the tree replacement works in Yerevan. Before that, "Greening and Environmental Protection" ANC had organized a scientific conference, during which it presented the planned works. 

According to Yerevan Municipality, old, non-functional trees will be cut down, and vibrant and beautiful trees will be planted instead.

The mass cutting of trees started from the Cascade in the center of Yerevan, where people saw the cut trees, which caused a great uproar among Yerevan residents.

Today's landscaping has no such planning and is limited to tree replacement.

Green areas in Yerevan have been destroyed, occupied and developed.

As a result, we have 3 square meters of green space in the center per capita, which is not enough. Tree replacement works do not solve this problem, because green spaces are not increased. Functional greening, first of all, requires protection from air pollution, dust, and harmful substances.

The question arises whether the sakoura tree performs this function better than our local species. The answer to this question could be obtained if there was a pilot program. However, instead of a pilot project, large-scale works have been started with uncertain results. All this does not inspire confidence among the citizens, who have been witnessing the destruction of the capital's green spaces for years.

March 24, 2023 at 13:29