Nikol Pashinyan on Alaverdi Copper Smelting Plant, Teghout and Amulsar Mines

Nikol Pashinyan on Alaverdi Copper Smelting Plant, Teghout and Amulsar Mines


At the session at the National Assembly today, Armenian Acting PM Nikol Pashinyan spoke about the closedown of Alaverdi Copper Smelting Plant, cessation of Teghout copper and molybdenum mine and the situation around Amulsar mine.

“The Environmental Inspection carried out an inspection in Alaverdi Copper Smelting Plant and finds out that emissions have been exceeded for many years. We say that it can’t be like this, we want this plant to operate, but there is statistics on cancer etc. We don’t want to intoxicate our people anymore. What the reaction is, no or yes, let’s work, but no, marching out in the streets, wanting working places, stopping the plant, closing it down.

Next is Amulsar: we say we need facts and arguments there are no dangers for Sevan. They say there is no, believe us and our documents. By the way, there is a criminal case initiated at Criminal Investigation Department on concealing facts in the environmental impact assessment. Now, who to believe?

Do you remember what was going on in Teghout, people were saying” Don’t do it, just don’t”. What is happening in Teghout now? Teghout has stopped and it is unclear what will be next. So many forests have been destroyed to open a mine and to start operations, now there is a problem and we don’t know how to solve this problem.

This economic system is not taking us anywhere: our economy was based on digging the soil and selling it under the formulation of exporting. Did we want an export like that?

We don’t want this course. We want to put our country on the course of sustainable economic growth and to make our country from an agricultural country to a high technological country, where work is encouraged,’ Nikol Pashinyan said.

It should be mentioned that “ACP” Company, a part of Vallex Group, stopped the operation of Alaverdi Copper Smelting Plant. The Environmental and Mining Inspection fined the company in the amount of 380 million AMD for the pollution of atmospheric air and water, and the damage caused to the environment via improper waste management. At the same time, the company is demanding from the government to permit to exceed emission limits by 6 times and not to impose any fines for it.

“Teghout” CJSC, a part of Vallex Group again, stopped the operation of Teghout copper and molybdenum mine because of the non-sustainable state of Teghout tailing dump and financial problems. Both Alaverdi Copper Smelting Plant and Teghout copper and molybdenum mine are pledged in the Russian VTB Bank.

The construction works of Amulsar gold mining project have been suspended for over 4 months: the locals and environmentalists have blocked all the roads leading to the mine area not allowing Lydian Armenia Company to continue the construction works.

Reminder: the “Way Out” (Yelk) Faction had nominated acting PM Nikol Pashinyan’s candidacy to this office, whereas the other factions had nominated no candidates.

But at the same time, Yelk had asked all MPs not to vote for Pashinyan so that the parliament can be dissolved a week later—on October 31, when a PM is not elected yet again. In case of such a scenario, a snap parliamentary election will be conducted in the first half of December.

14:56 October 24, 2018


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