"Metal Gold" Not Giving Up: New Public Hearings in Gladzor

"Metal Gold" Not Giving Up: New Public Hearings in Gladzor

"Metal Gold" company is once again organizing hearings on geological prospecting in Gladzor gold-polymetallic mine in Gladzor community. The hearings are scheduled for October 5, 2021 on the Gladzor football field.

At the beginning of 2021, RA Ministry of Territorial Administration and Infrastructure gave a "green light" to “Metal Gold” granting a 3-year geological exploration permit for Gladzor polymetallic mine.

After receiving the permit, the company twice tried to hold hearings in the community without prior notice. Not receiving positive opinion, however, the company made an official announcement about the hearing held on September 23.

Each time the company tried to convince the residents that the prospecting was for the purpose of operating the mine in a closed manner. This assertion is inconsistent with the EIA law, as the applicant is required by law to provide alternatives to the mine operation, both closed and open.

If the application is approved, the company can choose the most profitable and convenient option for it, regardless of the findings of the prospecting and the promises made to the population.

It is clear from the hearings and meetings that the company intends to obtain the positive opinion and permission of the community to carry out work in Gladzor Community. Thus, from the beginning, the company's program mentioned the implementation of office and documentation studies, and there was no demand for field work. It was mentioned during the first meetings, whereas the residents answered that there is no need to hold hearings.

At the next meeting, the company submitted a request for geological work to take samples of about 10,000 cubic meters. However, no application was submitted to Ministry of Environment for the implementation of these activities. There was a conflict between the supporters of the company and the residents against the mining industry, because no decision was reached at that meeting.

At the hearing held on September 23, the company stated that it needed to amend its permit and the contract, in particular, to require up to 2,500 cubic meters of experimental extraction for technological testing. These hearings were considered unsuccessful, which was laid down in the official minutes.

The residents united again to prevent the development of the mining industry in their community and to re-establish Resolution No. 44 "On making Gladzor community an eco-economic area and banning metal mining in the community" adopted by Aldermen’s Council in 2019. Another reason for the cancellation of the hearing was the impossibility of following the anti-epidemic rules due to the coronavirus.


September 30, 2021 at 15:41