Ardvi Community Residents Launched Signature Collection Against Shekaghbyur Gold-Polymetallic Mine Exploration Works

Ardvi Community Residents Launched Signature Collection Against Shekaghbyur  Gold-Polymetallic Mine Exploration Works


Ardvi community residents in Lori Region have launched a signature collection against the exploration works of Shekaghbyur Gold-Polymetallic mine. Recently one of the mass media published that exploration works are planned to be carried out in the area called Shekaghbyur, which is adjacent to Ardvi village, meanwhile drinking water springs and cattle pastures are located in the given section.

…Mining area totally occupies around 200 ha surface, which includes 54 ha from Mgharti community and 146 ha from Ardvi community…

…It should be mentioned that the village population is completely unaware of this process and hasn't taken part in any public discussion, while we learn from the official website of RA Nature Protection Ministry that the second public hearings are planned to be held on 26 July at Ardvi village municipality. This fact has caused serious concerns with the villagers and all the villagers unanimously claim they won't allow any mining activities...' says the statement of Ardvi villagers signed by 81 residents out of 240 Ardvi residents.

Ardvi Community Head Samvel Kirakosyan said in his phone talk with EcoLur, 'I've only agreed to the presentation of the project, let's listen to the specialists, discuss what the risks are. If our residents present any substantiated objection, I will back them,' Samvel Kirakosyan said. In reply to EcoLur's question, where the mining area is forest, Ardvi Community Head said that the mine area is located in the forest of the community administrative area, but there are no trees in the places of mining he was shown. Samvel Kirakosyan mentioned that currently steps are taken to develop tourism in Ardvi, 'Specialists have arrived from French Marseille city and assessed our nature very positively, hence we can develop eco-tourism,' Ardvi Community Head said and mentioned that houses are being renovated in the community to host tourists.

Ardvi residents also grow raspberry: according to Samvel Kirakosyan, several families, including his, grow raspberry aiming to increase their land areas making them 6 hectares. Raspberry shall be exported to Russia and any mining perspective is not welcomed in the village taking into account these developments.

The exploration works of Shekaghbyur poly-metallic mine are planned to be carried out by 'Miram' LLC. The area of searching and assessing works occupies 200 ha, the exploration works will last from 2017 to 2020. The public hearings on the exploration of Shekaghbyur gold-polymetallic mine will be held at 12:00 on 26 July at Ardvi village municipality.

July 17, 2017 at 16:49