Whether Government Will Succeed To Solve Mine Reclaiming Problem?

Whether Government Will Succeed To Solve Mine Reclaiming Problem?


The Armenian Government intends to solve the funding problem of reclaiming derelict, suspended and ownerless mines.

On 2 November the executive approved the draft resolution on effective management concept paper of Reclaiming Fund. The derelict, suspended and ownerless mines are not reclaimed because of the absence of finances. As a result, they continuously contaminate the environment with heavy metals and toxic elements. According to the expert data, 1 ha of soil management polluted an area with 10 ha radius. According to the primary aggregate assessment, the total surface of mining area in Armenia makes up 13640 ha.

For the regulation of this problem, since 2003 the soil managers have started providing to Environment Preservation Fund, nevertheless, these funds are insufficient.

According to this concept paper, as of 1 January 2017, the account of Environment Preservation Fund had 1,223,496,748.90 AMD. 105 companies, whose soil management rights have been suspended, paid only 66,009,260 AMD instead of 190, 824,620 AMD stipulated by the projects or soil management agreements. Besides, many soil managers haven’t paid any money to Environment Preservation Fund.

The concept paper proposes to carry out legislation so as to ensure the collection of money from soil managers to Environment Preservation Fund.

17:47 November 24, 2017


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