ANPP Joined Unified Energetic System.of Armenia

ANPP Joined Unified Energetic System.of Armenia

After a planned precautionary repair, the Armenian Nuclear Power Plant (ANPP) was connected to Armenia's unified energetic system, as we learn from the official website of the ANPP. "Four TG-3 turbine generators of power unit No. 2 of the ANPP in 2020, after the planned precautionary repair (PPR-2020), were put into operation and the ANPP joined the unified energy system of Armenia at 13:30 on August 23.

The radiation background is at a level corresponding to the normal operation of the power units At the station and in its vicinity and does not exceed the natural radiation background.

Works were carried out during the planned precautionary repairs, the results of which significantly increased the safety and reliability of the power unit operation.

"Due to the effective work of the ANPP staff, PPR-2020 was completed 12 days earlier than it had been planned," the official statement says.


August 25, 2020 at 17:30