"Free Democrats" Promising To Ban Mining by Offshore Companies


"Free Democrats" party taking part in the parliamentary elections promises to ban mining in Armenia by offshore companies. In its election programme the section on the mining, nuclear energy and environmental protection in Armenia particularly says,

‘…To exclude the participation of the companies registered in offshore in permits, privatization of public property, ordering and procurement, as well as to ban their participation in mining, while already registered and operating mining companies should be allotted time for mandatory re-registration and continuation of operation with an 'open' status.

… To inventorize and quote the use of soil and to introduce efficient, saving and transparent systems for the introduction of water, mineral and other natural resources in cooperation with international and European structures.

…In 2017-2018 to operate around 200 MW capacity of non-traditional energy systems (solar and wind). For this purpose, around 400 million USD should be involved under governmental guarantees. To launch the construction of 600-MW power unit of the Armenian Nuclear Power Plant in 2018.

…To ensure healthy social environment for people by making environmental legisltation, state and civil supervision mechanims and operation of business entities having been issued permits stricter.

… Public administration of soil. The incomplete system of environmental fees and royalties adopted in 2012 for the recovery of natural resources and nature shall be eliminated in mining industry (molybdenum, copper, perlite, tuffa, bazalt, iron, gold etc). Instead each year the price of the mine (soil) shall be approved together with the budget, at which the developer buys it from the public. In this way it will relate taxation mechanisms with the change in the world prices of the raw materials.'

March 20, 2017 at 15:47

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