Kaps Reservoir Rehabilitation To Cost 18.5 Million Euros

Kaps Reservoir Rehabilitation To Cost 18.5 Million Euros


Kaps Reservoir situated on the Akhuryan River, Shirak Region, will be rehabilitated, as the government adopted such a resolution at the meeting on 8 August.  As the official website of the Armenian Government informs, German KfW Bank expressed its willingness to support to complete the construction of the dam for Kaps reservoir, so a contest has been declared for the project drafting. The project implementation will cost 18.5 million Euros, and its loan facilities have already been laid down in the bilateral agreement. At present the German bank is ready to carry out aimed studies in the frames of 350,000 Euros till the launch of the project main stage.

The construction of Kaps reservoir was launched sill in 1985, but it was suspended in 1993, when the height of the dam was only 20 meter instead of projected 73 meters. The non-completed construction poses a danger for the settlements and infrastructures in the lower current. At the same time, the reservoir could assist to the development of agriculture in the region.

August 12, 2013 at 13:21

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