Possible Irrigation Problems Due to SHPPs Discussed with Deputy PM

Possible Irrigation Problems Due to SHPPs Discussed with Deputy PM


Armenian Deputy PM, Territorial Administration Minister Armen Gevorgyan discussed the irrigation problem of the apple orchards in Ohanavan and Karbi Villages with Andranik Andreasyan, Chairman of State Committee on Water Industry and Aragatsotn Regional Head Sargis Sahakyan, as Public Relations department of Territorial Administration Ministry informs.

It should be mentioned that the residents of Ohanavab and Karbi communities have recently beaten an alarm signal to www.ilur.am   correspondent, that a new SHPP is being constructed on the irrigation canal supplying water to the apple orchards of 1500 ha (known as ‘Demirtchyan Orchards’). The residents learnt that the SHPP is owned by Armenian President’s brother Sashik Sargsyan.

Under the official information, Andranik Andreasyan informed Armen Gevorgyan that the energetic project is planned to be carried out on Arzni-Shamiram dotation canal and it doesn’t have any relation with the irrigation water taken by “Qasakh” WUC serving the territory of the orchards. The agreement for the project implementation is granted on the condition that the SHPP should be operated only in line with irrigation regime and not cause any difficulty to ensure continuous irrigation.

February 26, 2014 at 15:13