Resident Received Threats for Protection of Green Area in Yerevan

Resident Received Threats for Protection of Green Area in Yerevan


EcoLur has received an alarm signal from Yerevan resident Meri Khachatryan, a nature lover and a translator, that the Chair of 'Jrvezh-1' Condominium in Nor Norq administrative area is threatening her,'Today when walking past the lawn of the eighth building in Mayak neighborhood I saw a sign saying 'For sale' plus a mobile phone number. I thought if the lawn has been privatized, it is illegal. Moreover, the public areas in our yards are drastically decreasing: all the time they are sold or rented, and the trees therein are felled down. I entered the condominium and asked the secretary whether or not they are aware of it. They answered they are in charge of the flats only and said I can find it out by calling at the mobile phone number. I asked them to call to the Municipality together, they didn't allow saying that the phone number of the condominium may be registered. Neither the chairperson nor the inspector was at the workplace. Then I took off the sign and threw it into the dustbin so as the people and pedestrians don't think that again a public area has been privatized. After several hours, the Chairperson of the condominium called my husband and said that the police will initiate a criminal case against me for causing damage to the personal property and will demand money as compensation, as the sign was meant for the sale of the flat in the eighth building.'

We are addressing this alarm signal to Yerevan Municipality to find out the scope of the powers of 'Jrvezh-1' Condominium, as well as to find out whether or not the sign on the sale referred to a flat or green area.

18:48 October 23, 2018


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