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'EcoLur' Informational NGO has created a new tool for the receipt and consideration of environmental alarms - "ECOALARM" webpage, the presentation of which was held on 19 September at "Article 3" Club. The webpage was presented by "EcoLur" Informational NGO President Inga Zarafyan, EcoLur Expert Victoria Burnazyan and Monica Yeritsyan in charge of"ECOALARM" webpage. 

Everybody can beat an alarm on "ECOALARM" webpage and track the progress of the alarm. The advantage of this tool is that the alarm signal will be responded by the experts and addressed to bodies in charge. If the alarm contains qualities of an environmental crime, it will be submitted and tried in a Public Court, which will return a verdict.

On the eve of the elections to the Yerevan Aldermen's Council, the elimination of Yerevan's cultural and historical heritage, elimination of green zones, irresponsible garbage management were presented in the course of the presentation.

President of "Victims of Eminent Domain" NGO Sedrak Baghdasaryan noted that Yerevan has lost its old buildings of historical and cultural significance as a result of site development, over 30, abusing the property right of the residents.

"We wanted to name the company as Qocharyan's victims (Second President of Armenia Robert Qocharyan), but they didn't register us," Sedrak Baghdasaryan said, "We should preserve everything that has been left. Almost all historical and cultural monuments have been destroyed under the veil of eminent domain, whereas the interests are neither public nor eminent. The concept of eminent domain must be discussed."

"We Are This City's Owner" initiative member Vahram Soghomonyan spoke about the alienation and elimination of the greens areas in Yerevan.

"Under my observations, over the recent years, especially after the revolution, there are attempts to seize the last good parts in very good sections in Yerevan. I think we must demand from the new authorities of Yerevan to quickly review all these land allocations so as to see what kind of illegal actions have taken place and, if needed, to initiate criminal cases. This issue should be imposed comprehensively – to recover the green zones of Yerevan as a part of urban culture.

The forests in Monument and Norq must be recovered urgently, without which the temperature in Yerevan has increased not mentioning all those heavy metals and dust, which we don't have. This is a serious threat to our health. The term of leased land areas shouldn't be prolonged either,' Vahram Soghomonyan noted.

"Khazer" Environmental and Cultural NGO Expert Aram Gabrielyan presented the problem of Nubarashen landfill sites. 

Gabrielyan mentioned that in the past the government of Japan was ready to implement an investment project on the utilization of methane gas and construction of a power plant on the area of 30 ha in the land fill site. The annual profit was US $300,000. Yerevan Municipality rejected this project and provided only 10 ha area to the Japanese party without producing electricity. Instead, the Armenian Government took out a loan of 16 million euros and a grant of 10 million Euros to construct a new landfill site next to the existing one without any sorting and recycling.

Aram Gabrielyan proposed to analyze in details organizational, systematic, including corruption circumstances, which have led to Yerevan residents to incur damage. Through financial analysis, the extent of the fine should be determined and people in charge detected. The item of solid waste management must be included on the agenda of the newly formed Aldermen's Council. To immediately form 'Climate Circulating Investment Foundation' owned by Yerevan Community and to direct compensation funds to this Foundation.

Watch more details in the video.

September 20, 2018 at 13:51

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