Alarm Signal: "Ratko" LLC Felled Down Trees in Fizgorodok, Police Stopped Company Operation

Alarm Signal: "Ratko" LLC Felled Down Trees in Fizgorodok, Police Stopped Company Operation

"Ratko" LLC started breaking and felling the trees in the area of ​​the Physics Town (Fizgorodok) in the early morning of September 10. The locals are beating an alarm signal about this on their Facebook page. "Right now "Ratko" LLC is cutting down and eliminating the trees, the green area in the Physics Town, in the part the lawfulness of which is currently being investigated within the framework of the criminal case, in the part that was public, has been illegally alienated, should it be returned to the public? We demand to suspend the work until the end of the investigation. Straightaway," Seda Grigoryan, a resident of the area, posted on her Facebook page.

Lusine Grigoryan, a local resident, told EcoLur that the company has stopped uprooting trees at the moment, as the police have stopped the company's operation. "We are going to submit a motion with the residents within the framework of the criminal case, so that the prosecutor's office and the investigative body stop the construction of the area, so that the material evidence is not damaged," she said. According to Lusine Grigoryan, the workers of the construction site, in addition to cutting down trees, started digging the area trying to eliminate that material evidence.

"They used to say that there is a basement there, now they will demolish it and say that it no longer exists, we have demolished it, whereas there was no basement. The area was privatized on a false basis. According to the previous plan, in 2004-2005 there was a public area, a playground and a green area. The municipality does not provide us with information on the status of this area,” she said.

Fizgorodok residents have been protesting for more than three weeks to prevent the construction of a multi-storey building in their public area. As a result of the residents' protests, a criminal case has been initiated under Article 308, Part 2 of RA Criminal Code. After the initiation of the criminal case, Yerevan Municipality ordered to stop the construction until the end of the investigation of the case.

September 10, 2021 at 16:10