Not Indifferent People - We Are With You

Not Indifferent People - We Are With You

There are times when you have to protect people who are trying to save the remaining green spaces or at least one tree. Citizen M.Kh. contacted EcoLur stating that a plum tree is growing in their yard of Mayak 27 building in Jrvezhi, next to the garages.

One of the residents started rebuilding the garage, and the construction waste fell on the roots of the tree. Citizen M.Kh. tried to convince the neighbor to remove the garbage, because the tree may die, but in vain.

Another example is from Dilijan. EcoLur has received a package of letters from citizen N.H., where there is correspondence with three official departments regarding the illegal burning of waste at a construction site in Dilijan.

In the correspondence there are also photographs taken at different times, in which the cloud of smoke rising from the construction site is clearly visible.

Remarkable are the responses of all three departments, which appear to be copies; "We were in the area with the indicated address, no traces of fire were found."

In both cases, there are very few people who are not indifferent to their environment. Their social activism irritates those around them.

Unfortunately, we cannot solve these problems, but we can do what we can: publish and tell about these caring people. "You are not alone, we, and not only us, support you. It is impossible to eliminate simple human feelings, love for nature in everyone."

March 20, 2023 at 16:34