"Vallex" Group Declared about Collapse Risk of Teghout Tailing Dump


"Vallex" Group has disseminated a statement informing about the probable self-collapse risk of Teghout tailing dump noting that the company currently has no control over Teghout complex and can’t be responsible for its consequences. The statement disseminated by "Vallex" Group says: “The opinions of the involved organizations prescribe that the further operation of Teghout ore dressing combine, without increase in the level of the stability of the tailing dump dam and ensuring seismic and static safety, will pose a real hazard of the self-collapse of the dam. Consequently, urgent measures shall be taken to ensure the stability of the tailing dump dam, as well as seismic and static safety.

It should be mentioned that the deep examination of the provided opinions show that the need of measures aimed at ensuring the stability of the tailing dump dam can’t decrease in any manner as a result of the temporary suspension of the operation of the tailing dump. In July 2017, the company informed the competent governmental bodies with the official letters and provided the copies of the reports provided by the involved professional organizations.

July 30, 2019 at 18:01