Public Hearings on Reclaiming Nahatak Tailing Dump To Be Held in Akhtala

Public Hearings on Reclaiming Nahatak Tailing Dump To Be Held in Akhtala

Akhtala Ore Processing Plant CJSC has decided to claim "Nahatak" tailing dump located in between Mets Ayrum and Tchotchkan settlements, Lori Region. Akhtala community hall, Lori Region, will hold a public hearing on the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) (Phase 1) for reclamation of "Nahatak" tailing dump, at 13:00 on July 28.

This tailing dump should have been reclaimed as of March 1, 2020, according to the expert opinion of RA Ministry of Environment no. BP-100 dated on 14.11.2017, which was not done. The Public Environmental Court held a public hearing on this issue on February 26, 2020, examining the case of continuing impact of Nahatak tailing dump on the environment and human health.

The Public Environmental Court ruled to recognize the violations related to the granting of permits to Nahatak Tailing Dump, its non-conservation and non-reclaiming, the offences in regard to its control and monitoring that have led to environmental disaster and socio-economic crisis in Armenia and the region, harmed human health, as a crime directed against the state.

Environmental non-governmental organizations beat an alarm signal to RA Nature Protection and Mining Inspection Body regarding the continuous raising of "Nahatak" tailing dump. No response was received from the inspection body. RA Prosecutor's Office informed that in 2020 Nature Protection and Mining Inspection Body will carry out an inspection in "Akhtala Ore Processing Plant" CJSC, whereas RA Environment Ministry informed in which case the expert opinion is recognized as annulled, that "Akhtala Ore Processing Plant" CJSC was offered to review its monitoring program etc. Now it is announced that the tailing dump must be reclaimed.

According to the application of Akhtala Ore Processing Plant CJSC, the works are planned to start after the project is approved, and it will be accomplished within 2.4 years. Quarterly river water monitoring and semestrial soil pollution monitoring should be carried out in the area of the Nahatak tailing dump within 5 years after its reclamation.

Reminder: years ago "Nazik" tailing dump operated by "Akhtala Ore Processing Plant" CJSC was reclaimed, trees were planted on it. This tailings dam is currently in need of another reclamation.

July 27, 2020 at 18:19