Getar To Have Local Cleaning Station

Getar To Have Local Cleaning Station

In 2023, it is planned to build a local biological-mechanical water treatment plant on the Getar River. The draft decision is included in the agenda of the meeting of Yerevan Aldermen’s Council to be held on 21 June.

Getar is the left tributary of the Hrazdan River, which mixes with the waters of the Hrazdan River in its lower reaches. Under the project, Getar is a sewage canal in Yerevan City. It is polluted with household waste. The purpose of the treatment plant is to clean Getar of sewage and household waste, while preventing polluted, sewage-rich Getar from mixing with the Hrazdan River, which in turn flows into Yerevan Lake.

"After cleaning the Getar water at the treatment plant, it will be possible to restore the ecosystem and sanitary-hygienic indicators of the Hrazdan River and its surrounding areas. The project is aimed at preserving the ecosystem and biodiversity, as well as ensuring the health norms of the recreational area," the official document mentions.

The construction site of the treatment plant was initially selected as the section flowing into the Hrazdan River, which is located near the Polyplast factory in Shengavit administrative district. In case of construction of a treatment plant, it will be possible to clean Getar from household waste by mechanical cleaning, and from sewage through biological cleaning.

A total of 126,701,300 AMD will be needed for the implementation of the project, out of which 5 million AMD will be for the preparation of design and estimate documents for the local water treatment plant, 121,701,300 AMD for the construction of a local water treatment plant. This amount is intended to be allocated from the contributions made by environmental enterprises operating in the capital.

The project states that Yerevan Community is ready to make additional allocations from its own resources. Tenders will be announced for both the drafting of the design estimate and the construction of the station.

June 15, 2022 at 14:28