Head of Aragats Community about SHPP Impact

Head  of Aragats Community about SHPP Impact


The villagers of Aragats village in Aragatsotn region are beating an alarm signal that the colour of Gegharot river water turns brown in the spring. They consider that the water turns brown because of the SHPPs on Gegharot river. In the frames of “support to SHPP-relating reforms through the dialogue of public and RA Nature Protection ministry for Sustainable Use of River Ecosystems” EcoLur visited Aragats. Henrik Hovhannisyan, Aragats Community Head, introduced to EcoLur the experts Seyran Minasyan’s and Arevik Hayrapetyan’s " Eco- chemical analysis of Water in Gegharot Upper and Middle River Currents" study results. The study particularly mentions, “The research of Fe, Al, Co, Mn, Cr, Cd, Zn, Na, Mg, Ca, K and elements and metals in Ghegharot river reveals that two SHPPs out of which the concentrations of elements at the bottom of observation station (2-10 times, an average of 5-7 times) exceed the concentrations in the upper observation station. This shows that the 2 SHPP plants have significant impact on river water quality. " Henrik Hovhannisyan, Aragats Community Head, gave an interview to EcoLur. EcoLur: What effects do the SHPPs have on the community? Henrik Hovhannisyan: At the forepart of the village: at the up and down parts of HPP. There is some change in water quality, but the change in the spring and summer, during the irrigation season, has no effect. It has some changes in the fall, because of water scarcity the components, heavy metals in the water and impact of the metals show that this amount exists. If we realize that the HPPs have impact we will apply to the relevant authorities. I am next to villagers and if I realize there will be danger it would be better two SHPP not to work than the whole community to migrate. EcoLur - Whether SHPP implements social programs for the community? Henrik Hovhannisyan - There was a scarcity of water last year. According to the explanation of SHPP heads they did not work for profit but with minus. But some people tried to make an investment. I had a problem related to gas. The head of the bottom HPP agreed with me and made investments of 500,000 drams to finance gas. But it is not so significant, it does not matter whether they will give 3, 4, 10 million to the community. We must understand if the HPP makes any damage and if it is dangerous. If it is dangerous, no matter they will give 20 or 30 million, it is a lie. People want their water to be clean, their planted potatoes and the trees not to dry and in this case they will not have any problems.

13:47 July 03, 2015


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