Zovuni Residents Can't Get Response of Their Drinking Water Expert Assessment

Zovuni Residents Can't Get Response of Their Drinking Water Expert Assessment

For about two years now, the residents of Zovuni community, Kotayk Region, have been deprived of the opportunity to have clean drinking water. Due to the frequent accidents, the drinking water flowing through the water pipes becomes polluted, yellowish liquid flows from the tap in the apartments. "We alert “Veolia Jur" about a regular accident, they come, take water samples for chemical-bacteriological analysis, but they do not inform us about the results ...

Last time we asked for the results in writing and with a stamp to compare with the results carried out in an independent laboratory, but there was no response from them. "We cannot bathe or do laundry with that stinky water, not to mention drinking it... Our district has turned into an unsanitary place, where the health and life of children and adults living here are endangered," Zovuni resident Mariam Sukhudyan is beating an alarm signal to EcoLur.

According to the resident, "Veolia Jur" company only informs about the results of previous examination that they are within the norm. Mariam Sukhudyan noted that the employees of "Veolia Jur" company recently took a water sample again, but did not provide the residents with any written information about the results of the examination.

When the residents tried to contact the company's laboratory for the results of the examination, they reported that they had not received any samples from the address mentioned by the residents. Meanwhile, the Facebook page of "Veolia Jur" company responded to the residents' inquiry, saying that the laboratory found out that no qualitative deviations were found in the samples taken at the address mentioned by the resident.

Mariam Sukhudyan mentioned that the reason for the frequent water pollution is the miserable condition of the water pipes. According to her, a complete overhaul of the drinking water pipeline in Zovuni community is needed. "In the event of an accident, workers come, stick wood and logs into the holes, which easily jump out due to the water pressure. Surrounding wastewater re-enters the drinking water pipe," Mariam Sukhudyan said. Due to the cold weather, the replacement of the main pipeline, which was scheduled to start in January, was extended for a month.

It should be noted that on January 14, EcoLur contacted Murad Sargsyan, spokesman for "Veolia Jur" company, to find out why the damaged pipes were not being repaired. The latter promised to find out in which section of the pipeline the accident took place, to inform whether or not "Veolia Jur" company is responsible for that section. However, both on January 14 and in the following days, Murad Sargsyan did not answer our calls.


January 17, 2022 at 19:41

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